Let there be light: Menorah lit at Hingham Shipyard

Patriot Ledger, Dec 11, 2015 

More than 30 people crowded the front entrance of the Hingham Shipyard on Thursday night to celebrate Hanukkah and the lighting of a menorah... “The fifth night (of Hanukkah) is special because it represents a majority on the menorah,” said Rabbi Levy Lezell, who leads the new temple. “It brings light and goodness, compassion and kindness into our world.” READ MORE >>



Chabad of the South Shore celebrates Purim

Patriot Ledger, Mar 25, 2016

The Hingham Woods function hall was filled with the shrill sounds of groggers (traditional noisemakers), the sweet smells of hamantaschen, and people in flamboyant costumes.
The Chabad of the South Shore hosted about 40 people on Thursday for a celebration of Purim.

Chabad Rabbi Levi Lezell moved to Hingham from New York six months ago to establish a cultural center for the Jewish community of the South Shore. He led the attendees through the Purim celebration. READ MORE >>



Menorah lighting marks first night of Hanukkah in Higham 

Patriot Ledger, Dec 12, 2017 

Four-year-old Shterna Lezell jumped up and down as the first light on a menorah four times as tall as she is was lit Tuesday evening.

Clutching a plastic dreidel, she shouted “Happy Hanukkah!” at everyone who passed by on the first night of the Jewish holiday... READ MORE >>



Menorah lighting on the fifth night of Hanukkah 

Hingham Journal, Dec 7, 2018 

On the fifth night of Hanukkah, when there is more light than darkness, people joined Rabbi Levi Lezell of Chabad of the South Shore for the lighting of the menorah at the Launch at the Hingham Shipyard. READ MORE >>



Menorah lighting kicks off Hanukkah in Hingham

Patriot Ledger, Dec 22, 2019 

More than 70 people gathered around a 6-foot menorah in front of Hingham Shipyard to kick off the first night of Hanukkah on Sunday. Chabad Rabbi Levi Lezell, of Chabad of the South Shore in Hingham, offered a prayer... READ MORE >>



Hingham's Chabad of the South Shore to host community Passover Seder

Hingham Journal, Apr, 17, 2019 

"... Passover is not simply a celebration of the historic liberation of an ancient people,” said Rabbi Levi Lezell, director of Chabad of the South Shore. “Passover is about our own personal liberation, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Passover inspires us to break free from the shackles restraining us from reaching new height and to be the person we can be, in our lives, relationships with our fellows and with G‑d...” READ MORE >>