Smile On Seniors

Bringing a moment of joy to the life of a senior.

Often, it takes just minutes to change a person’s entire week.

Smile On Seniors is a unique volunteer program, created to enhance the lives of local seniors. Many of us have parents or family who are seniors, living alone or in senior facilities, that would greatly benefit from an extra visit from someone who isn’t family. Family cannot always visit as often as desired, and not always is there someone else to supplement those visits. And that’s where Smile On Seniors steps in. SOS matches local volunteers with local seniors for a weekly visit, bringing joy and a sense of caring to many. With your help, SOS soon hopes to match a volunteer with every Jewish senior in our community!

We aim to meet the needs of the seniors within our community by connecting them with willing and capable volunteers such as yourselves. It has been proven time and time again that consistent human interactions can greatly impact the quality of life of the aged, and those who interact with seniors are in the position to learn and accomplish tremendous amount.

To volunteer or to let us know about someone who can benefit from a visit from one of our volunteers send us a email [email protected] or give us a call at 617-862-2770